a timber pavilion at brazil’s umuarama lake


Architect Victor Ortiz looks to the forested region of Campos do Jordão, Brazil to design its Umuarama Performance Pavilion. Found just northeast of São Paolo, the town is a touristic area with its Swiss-style architecture and natural surrounding landscapes, home to endangered pumas and ocelots. The New York- and Brazil-based architect’s proposal will serve both as a sun shade and as a performance space, and will be characterized by its single fluid timber structure. Designing the sculptural form, the architect took inspiration from the natural shapes of the surrounding forest, its lightweight construction creating a sense of harmony with the environment. Ortiz comments: ‘The mixture between wood, glass and metal creates a lightweight structure, yet solid and robust due to its geometry.’

victor ortiz umuarama pavilionimages © Victor Ortiz



intricate architecture by victor ortiz


The timber roof of the Umuarama Performance Pavilion will be supported by a series of slender metal columns, which architect Victor Ortiz has integrated to further emphasize a sense of lightness. Suggesting a massive, floating cantilever, the roof’s undulating form creates a dynamic silhouette while sunlight is filtered through the latticework surfaces. The structure will be assembled from 5,317 individual wooden pieces, which will be arranged in a complex geometric pattern. This pattern creates a continuous surface with a sense of airiness and movement, along with the strength and stability it needs to withstand the elements. Once built, the Umuarama Performance Pavilion will take shape as a simple volume with an intricate underlying logic. It will be an impressive addition for the community of Campos do Jordão and will provide a space for both residents and visitors to enjoy lakeside performances in the trees.

victor ortiz umuarama pavilionthe undulating volume is formed by an intricate, continuous surface

victor ortiz umuarama pavilion
the pavilion will be shaped by 5,317 individual wooden pieces victor ortiz umuarama pavilion
the architecture will capture a sense of lightness and movement along with strength and stability

architect victor ortiz envisions fluid, lightweight umuarama pavilion in brazilthe pavilion will introduce a place to rest and enjoy performances alongside Umuarama Lake