216 Bay West Valley villa soma bay


216 Bay West Valley villa soma bay – 

Mr/bassem bateshe

564 meter2

212 Bay West Valley Villa Soma bay, In the first stage of designing the house,we work closely with the client who has a deep love for the sea, aiming to create a special design that reflects his passion for the ocean.

We draw inspiration from maritime elements and boating equipment, seamlessly integrating them into the overall design of the house.

We use shapes of paddles and marine motifs as distinctive design elements, and carefully select colors that evoke the beauty and tranquility of the ocean, giving the house a unique and distinctive character.

In the second stage, we ensure that the maritime designs are executed with precision, paying attention to using high-quality materials that withstand maritime conditions.

We also ensure that foundational work such as plumbing and electrical installations are carried out to the highest standards of quality and safety.

In the third stage, we continue to enhance the maritime character of the house through furniture designs, selecting pieces that complement the overall decor of the house and reflect the maritime lifestyle.

We carefully choose colors and materials to ensure harmony and coherence with the overall look of the house.

Finally, in the last stage, we ensure that the manufacturing and installation of furniture are carried out with precision and professionalism in our factory, with a focus on the maritime design details.

We put all our efforts into cleaning the house and preparing it for delivery to the client, with the hope that they will enjoy every moment in their new home,

which carries the touch of the sea they love.

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