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A powerhouse in engineering designs, finishes, and general
contracting, has been a stalwart presence in the markets of Hurghada, Soma, and El Gouna for the
past five years. With a rich portfolio boasting over 200 successful projects. Our commitment to
excellence is unwavering, ensuring precision and passion in every aspect of our work. Your vision,
our expertise Green Structure is where dreams meet reality.


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Our Architects & Engineering’s

Because Good architecture is about responding to the needs of people and the environment. The decisions architects make can have far-reaching effects. Buildings designed today will not only impact today’s communities but also on generations to come.
In fact, every architect has a social responsibility to design buildings that not only consider the needs and enjoyment of the client but also take into account the specifics of the site and surrounding environment and community.
our architects are highly trained and passionate about their work. They uphold longstanding traditions of creativity, innovation, and professional excellence. They also use the latest technology to craft enduring buildings that will reward those who use them well into the future.
A good architect adds value to a project. An architect’s training, well-honed creative skills, and broad technical knowledge allow them to design buildings that can be integrated into the built and natural environments at every scale and budget.

Mina Samir Takawy

Engineering professional with over 14 years of experience specializing in projects now I am a
highly dedicated and organized project management with a diverse work history and years of leadership experience. I am ready to oversee and manage large-scale projects from the conceptual phase through completion. I have excellent communication skills and am experienced in dealing with customers, executives, and employees of all levels. I am passionate about finding the best way to complete the mission, and I have demonstrated successful leadership of several complicated projects. My work experience and excellent leadership skills allow me to improve
employee cooperation with both internal and external partners & I have a good background with
Contractors and workers outside the company’s system to quickly end the business and
professional implementation schedule on time.
1– Beginning of the service reserve army officer. A weapon Engineers. i.m Designed 12 small projects & design & managed project 1 Hotel 3star include 140 room serve 280 pax until finished & managed to renovate 28 solider building including 630 Solider pax Full buildings including Toilets, restaurant,

  • Leadership
  • REsidential Design
  • Commercial Design
  • Administration
  • Construction Management

Ali Darwish

Marketing Manger

Digital Marketing expert with 7 years of experience in content marketing, photography, content writing, advertising, filmmaking, and design. My expertise spans multiple disciplines, allowing me to provide strategic, creative, and technical solutions for my clients’ marketing needs. I believe great marketing begins with understanding your audience and crafting authentic stories that resonate with them on an emotional level. Through visual storytelling and great content, businesses can build meaningful connections with their customers and achieve their marketing goals.

  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Design
  • montage
  • communication

Bakhoum Fawzy


Bakhoum Fawzy, a structural engineer with seven years of experience in interior design and smart home solutions. My expertise lies in designing residential and commercial spaces that are both functionally efficient and esthetically pleasing. I approach each project with a focus on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and designs that maximize natural light and airflow. I also consult on integrating smart home technologies into new constructions and renovations to create connected homes that improve comfort, convenience and security for residents. Designing spaces that people love to live, work and spend time in brings me great joy and fulfillment in my work. I strive to create structures that stand the test of time while also enhancing the lives of those who use them.

  • Interior Design
  • smart home technologies
  • Urban Designer
  • Autocad

Osama Albert


Purchases Manager  As a purchasing manager with over 18 years of experience, I have a proven track record of streamlining procurement processes, negotiating supplier contracts, and managing vendor relationships. I excel at analyzing spending data and identifying cost-saving opportunities through strategic sourcing initiatives. Through my leadership, I have developed high-performing procurement teams focused on delivering value and cost efficiencies for our clients. My expertise spans a wide range of product categories and industries. I take pride in building long-term partnerships with suppliers based on mutual trust, transparency, and a shared commitment to quality and service. Procurement is not just a job for me, it’s a passion. I enjoy the challenges of identifying innovative solutions, optimizing supply chains, and continually improving processes to deliver the greatest value for the companies I work with.

  • purchase management
  • Negotiation and persuasion
  • Experience with building materials

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