Villa 11, Bay West Valley, Soma Bay


Villa 11, Bay West Valley, Soma Bay

Ms. Rehab 

In the initial phase of designing Villa 11, we collaborated closely with Ms. Rehab El-Sayed, who appreciates luxury and lush greenery, aiming to create a design that exudes opulence while seamlessly integrating verdant elements.

We understood her preference for the finest materials and incorporated the highest quality marbles to achieve a sense of grandeur throughout the villa.


Drawing inspiration from her love for luxurious living and green spaces, we meticulously selected marble varieties that not only add a touch of sophistication but also complement the lush surroundings of Soma Bay.

Each marble was chosen for its unique veining and color palette, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and natural beauty.


Moving into the second stage, we ensured that every aspect of Villa 11 radiated luxury and refinement.

The marble was meticulously installed with precision, highlighting its exquisite beauty and timeless appeal.

In addition to the marble finishes, we incorporated lush greenery and landscaping features to further enhance the villa’s allure, creating a tranquil oasis that Ms. Rehab El-Sayed can escape to.


Continuing into the third stage, we curated the interior furnishings and decor to complement the luxurious marble finishes.

Opulent furniture pieces and lavish accents were carefully selected to elevate the villa’s interior design, striking a balance between extravagance and comfort.


Finally, in the last stage, we paid special attention to the exterior landscaping, ensuring that Villa 11 boasts lush green spaces and manicured gardens.

The outdoor areas were designed to be an extension of the villa’s interior, offering Ms. Rehab El-Sayed a serene retreat surrounded by natural beauty and luxury.


Throughout the entire process, our goal was to create a residence that reflects Ms. Rehab El-Sayed’s appreciation for both opulence and greenery, combining the finest marble finishes with verdant landscapes to create a truly exceptional living experience in the heart of Soma Bay.

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