Marine club gym –

Mr : Andrea

200 M² 

Creating a venue akin to Havana bar within a 200-square-meter space for Andrea would be an exciting endeavor.

We’ll aim to capture the intimate and elegant ambiance of Havana while infusing it with the spirit of Andrea’s vision, making it a standout destination for relaxation and entertainment.

Drawing inspiration from the original Cuban charm, we’ll incorporate modern touches that reflect Andrea’s taste and vision.

The decor and furnishings will echo the authentic Cuban vibe with a contemporary twist, creating a unique fusion.

Comfortable seating areas will be strategically arranged to encourage patrons to indulge in Andrea’s signature premium drinks and delicious cuisine.

Of course, music will play a vital role in bringing the venue to life. We’ll install a high-quality sound system to transport guests to the enchanting atmosphere of Havana.

Dedicated space for live dancing and entertainment will be provided,

allowing patrons to enjoy live dance performances and a variety of cultural events reminiscent of Havana’s vibrant nightlife.

Finally, we’ll ensure that every aspect of the customer experience is of the highest quality and professionalism,

making each visit to Andrea’s establishment an unforgettable blend of warm Cuban hospitality and refined entertainment

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