Nwera El-Gouna


Nwera El-Gouna –

Mr/ Hamza Selim

590 M²

Nwera, In the initial phase of designing and executing the Nwera restaurant and bar in one of the finest areas of El Gouna,

we embark on a journey to capture the essence of elegance and sophistication that characterizes this prestigious location.

Additionally our collaboration with the client begins with an in-depth exploration of their vision for Nwera, ensuring that every aspect

of the design reflects their aspirations for a distinguished dining experience.


Drawing inspiration from the unique charm of El Gouna and its vibrant culinary scene, as well as the mystique of the desert landscape,

Furthermore we conceptualize a design that seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with authentic local influences.

The spacious 590-square-meter venue provides ample opportunity to create distinct dining zones, each exuding its own ambiance and charm

reminiscent of the serene beauty of the desert.


At the heart of our design concept is the notion of bringing the allure of the desert into the restaurant and bar space.

The interiors are adorned with elements inspired by Bedouin culture, such as intricate patterns, earthy tones, and natural textures, evoking

A sense of rustic elegance and warmth.

The lighting is carefully curated to be soft and subdued, casting gentle shadows that create an intimate and romantic atmosphere reminiscent

Of moonlit desert nights.


As we delve into the execution phase, meticulous attention is paid to every detail of the construction process.

From the placement

Of furnishings to the selection of decor elements,

every aspect of the design is thoughtfully considered to enhance the overall ambiance and transport guests to a world of refined luxury and Arabian hospitality.


Besides the culinary experience at Nwera is further elevated by our commitment to excellence in kitchen design and equipment selection.

State-of-the-art appliances are seamlessly integrated into the space,

allowing our talented chefs to showcase their creativity and passion for gastronomy while staying true to the restaurant’s desert-inspired theme.


Moreover in the final stages, the Nwera brand identity comes to life through carefully curated decor elements, branding materials,

And signage that reflect the restaurant’s unique personality and charm.

As the doors of Nwera open to welcome guests,

In addition they are invited to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the rich heritage and timeless allure of the desert, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Marine Club Gym

Marine Club Gym

Marine club gym


Marine club gym –

نادي الرياضات البحرية

260 M²

In the initial phase of designing the gym, we collaborate closely with the client to understand their vision and preferences, aiming to create a unique space that reflects their passion for fitness and well-being.

Drawing inspiration from modern gym aesthetics and equipment, we integrate innovative design elements to enhance the overall ambiance and functionality of the space.

As we move into the construction phase, we prioritize the foundational aspects such as plumbing, electrical installations, and flooring with meticulous attention to detail.

Our goal is to ensure that the gym layout optimizes space utilization and flow, providing a seamless experience for patrons across both floors.

In the subsequent stage, we focus on selecting gym equipment and designing specialized zones tailored to different fitness activities.

Whether it’s cardio machines, free weights, or functional training areas, each section is meticulously planned to cater to the diverse needs of gym-goers. Additionally, we pay close attention to lighting and ventilation to create an energizing and comfortable environment conducive to workouts.

As we near completion, our team puts emphasis on the finer details, including the branding elements and interior decor.

We aim to create an immersive experience for gym enthusiasts, with motivational quotes, vibrant colors, and dynamic signage reinforcing the gym’s identity.

Finally, as the project reaches its conclusion, we ensure a seamless transition to the operational phase by conducting thorough cleaning and quality checks.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver a state-of-the-art gym facility that not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations, providing a welcoming space for individuals to pursue their fitness goals with enthusiasm and vigor.

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216 Bay West Valley villa soma bay

216 Bay West Valley villa soma bay


216 Bay West Valley villa soma bay – 

Mr/bassem bateshe

564 meter2

212 Bay West Valley Villa Soma bay, In the first stage of designing the house,we work closely with the client who has a deep love for the sea, aiming to create a special design that reflects his passion for the ocean.

We draw inspiration from maritime elements and boating equipment, seamlessly integrating them into the overall design of the house.

We use shapes of paddles and marine motifs as distinctive design elements, and carefully select colors that evoke the beauty and tranquility of the ocean, giving the house a unique and distinctive character.

In the second stage, we ensure that the maritime designs are executed with precision, paying attention to using high-quality materials that withstand maritime conditions.

We also ensure that foundational work such as plumbing and electrical installations are carried out to the highest standards of quality and safety.

In the third stage, we continue to enhance the maritime character of the house through furniture designs, selecting pieces that complement the overall decor of the house and reflect the maritime lifestyle.

We carefully choose colors and materials to ensure harmony and coherence with the overall look of the house.

Finally, in the last stage, we ensure that the manufacturing and installation of furniture are carried out with precision and professionalism in our factory, with a focus on the maritime design details.

We put all our efforts into cleaning the house and preparing it for delivery to the client, with the hope that they will enjoy every moment in their new home,

which carries the touch of the sea they love.

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Interior Design

Interior Design


Interior Design



Interior Design

Interior design is a captivating and multidimensional profession focused on creating engaging indoor spaces.

By combining aesthetic finesse and technical expertise,

interior designers utilize their understanding of architectural elements to conceptualize and craft interiors that precisely fulfill their clients’ requirements and aspirations.

Beyond mere decoration, interior design involves a deep understanding of how to optimize and enhance a space to create a harmonious and functional setting.

For instance, designers meticulously analyze the layout, dimensions, and architectural features of a building to develop a comprehensive plan that transforms it into a visually appealing and purposeful space.

The process begins with a thorough exploration of the client’s requirements, preferences, and objectives.

Each project is unique, and as a result, the interior designer strives to comprehend the client’s vision, whether it’s for a cozy residential space,

a vibrant commercial establishment, or a serene healthcare facility. By understanding the client’s intentions,

they can expertly blend functionality, aesthetics, and personal style to create an interior environment that exceeds expectations.

A skilled interior designer possesses a keen eye for detail and an innate sense of spatial awareness.

Consequently, they adeptly manipulate color schemes, textures, lighting, and furniture to establish a cohesive and pleasing ambiance.

Every element, from selecting paint hues to sourcing materials, is thoughtfully chosen to complement the overall design concept and evoke the desired emotional response.

Technical proficiency is equally crucial in interior design.

As a result, designers must navigate building codes, safety regulations, and space planning considerations to ensure that their creations are not only visually captivating but also structurally sound.

Furthermore, they collaborate closely with architects, contractors, and other professionals to seamlessly integrate their interior designs within the existing framework of the building.

Additionally, interior designers are at the forefront of incorporating sustainable practices into their designs.